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Why Pinterest? This is the reasonable query. It's one particular that should be asked in order to grasp an entire appreciation of Pinterest. A modern examine provided by 3M Company showed that humans process visuals sixty six% speedier than text. Ever listened to the expression eye candy? Pinterest tempts us with eye candy. Stunning visuals of a life we would like. Photographs of glamorous, clever, humorous, or straightforward goods or expert services to further improve our lifetime grabs us and sucks us in. The proof is within the stats.

What does a typical US Pinterest user look like? About 86% are Women of all ages. Which is adequate to help make business owners' pulses race. The just one's who get Genuinely thrilled presently know Females have enter to how eighty five% of yankee bucks are put in. Also, somewhere among 70-seventy five% of consumers Have a very faculty education and learning.